Château La Pointe, a terroir revealed

Château La Pointe’s vineyard is located on the slope descending from the Château Trotanoy terrace, next to Château Nénin. Its terroir is made up of three main soil types :

–Gravel and pebble sector on the Isle River terrace : these exceptional soils, featuring a series of gravel resurgences sloping towards the west, are quite close to those found on Pomerol’s upper plateau.

–Clay-gravel sector : soils recognised as among the finest for winegrowing.

–Sector with more sandy soil over a layer of clay or gravel : soils offering high potential but suffering from an excess of water. A pedological and geological study was carried out in 2008, and major drainage work was performed on those parts of the vineyard with hydromorphic problems, ensuring a better water regulation. This type of operation, very common in renowned Châteaux, allows us to avoid excessive yields and obtain greater ripeness. Château La Pointe has thus seen an improvement in the balance of wines produced on this third sector over recent years.