Precious Skills


Keeping the land-workers’ spirit

Accepting the responsibility of a vineyard is accepting to plan more than fifty years ahead and to work for the next generation. The property has not used any form of chemical herbicides for many years. Now we have returned to the old tradition of weeding mechanically with special equipment to reach between the plants and plough without damaging the soil. The root system is not disturbed and the balance in the vine plants is maintained.

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The work in the vineyard is still essentially manual, the skills being passed down from one generation to the next. In winter there is the pruning, and then in spring and through to summer the disbudding, sucker removal, lifting the wires, de-leafing, lateral shoot thinning, guiding the foliage…  a myriad vine-care tasks that can only be accomplished by the experienced hand of Man. With our 23 hectares, over 150 000 vine plants require these repeated, precise gestures all year long.