Precious Skills


The art of winemaking

The vat room was renovated in 2009 and now houses small-volume vats, most of which are made of concrete. This decisive improvement has allowed us to extend the plot-by-plot management carried out in the vineyard. Each plot can thus be picked at optimum ripeness, brought to a specific vat and vinified according to its own characteristics, remembering the soil-types, the age of the vines and the vintage’s weather conditions.

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Each vat is equipped with its own temperature control system. This allows the alcoholic fermentation to take place in ideal conditions (the yeast naturally transforms the sugar contained in the grapes into alcohol).

Depending on the phenolic characteristics of the grapes, we choose to extract the colour and tannins by pumping over or by punching down the cap of skins. The maceration usually lasts four weeks. The malolactic fermentation takes place half in vats and half in new oak barrels. (friendly bacteria naturally transform the malic acid contained in the grapes into softer lactic acid).