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Vintage Information Sheet
Château LA POINTE 2016
  • General Information
  • Weather conditions
  • Tasting comment
  • When to taste ?
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Château La Pointe

General Information

Château La Pointe
Vintage : 2016
Production : 68 000 bottles
Merlot 83% – Cabernet Franc 17%
Alcohol content : 14°

Appellation : Pomerol. Area : Right Bank. Region : Bordeaux.

Vineyard and soil type: 23 hectares on small gravel and pebble soils of the Isle river terrace, clayey-gravel and sandy soils over clay or gravel sub-soils.

Vinification and ageing: traditional Bordeaux methods.

Distribution : through wine merchants of the Place de Bordeaux.

Owner : SCE Château La Pointe.
General Manager : Eric Monneret.
Vine and Wine Consultant : Hubert de Boüard de Laforest.

Member of the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux.

Weather conditions

Unbelievable and unpredictable weather conditions for a truly great vintage :

The winter and spring were very wet. 700 mm, the usual equivalent of 12 months’ rainfall, fell on our vineyard from the beginning of January to mid-June. Thanks to the excellent drainage work carried out in 2008 and the deep roots of our vines, the water circulated well through the soils and brought a good, even supply.

The long, dull and wet weeks meant we needed to be vigilant about the risk of mildew. Each intervention required anticipation and precision to ensure a good ventilation of the fruit-bearing zone, thus limiting the risk of disease. Colossal and painstaking manual work was determinant for the quality of the vintage.

Miraculously, the rain stopped for around ten days at the beginning of June, allowing an even and abundant flowering during this sunny interlude, then the rain resumed.

The beautiful weather luckily returned, and for good, at the end of June. It was then hot ( but not excessively) and very dry. Whereas there are generally one or two storms to wet the Gironde soil, in 2016 there was literally not a drop of rain during July and August. This had not been seen for over thirty-five years. The youngest vines, whose roots are less deep, suffered from the drought but finally this phenomenon was observed only on a very few sectors which were not destined for the first wine. Despite the mainly gravelly nature of the terroirs, the drought was surprisingly well controlled by the soils and the plants remained healthy. The positive aspect was that the considerable hydric stress brought a high tannic potential, and the constant cool summer nights maintained a good acidity in the berries along with an excellent expression of the fruity aromas.

September arrived, and the summery weather continued, with temperatures nearing 30° C. In mid-September, the forecast of a storm over the Bordeaux vineyard caused worry, which quickly turned to relief as the storm brought only welcome rain. 34 mm of water breathed a new energy into the vines. The beautiful weather soon returned, allowing a slow, steady ripening through to the harvest, which was finally not early as we had expected.

The plots of vines selected for the second wine were picked between 3rd and 6th October. For the first wine, the Merlots were picked from 7th October and we finished harvesting with Cabernet Francs on 17th and 18th October.

The harvest was calm and serene, each plot picked at optimum ripeness, the key for the making of a great vintage ; the 2016 reveals itself to be rich yet not excessively so, as it also possesses a lovely freshness.

Tasting comment

“The colour is dense, with dark purple tints. Aromas of violet and small forest fruit gently appear. They are followed by cedar, black spices and sandalwood. The palate is smooth and creamy, yet not at all heavy ; beautifully fresh and well-balanced. The length is impressive, caressing and voluptuous with an inviting, mouth-watering finish.
This is a great vintage where the fullness of the fruit and perfect ripeness are united.”

(March 2017, Primeurs tasting comment by Hubert de Boüard de Laforest)

When to taste ?

To drink or to keep?
The 2016 vintage is an exceptional one.
To be enjoyed 6 years from now and up to 20 years old or more.
The aromatic freshness, balance and suppleness of this Merlot-dominant Pomerol will suit lovers of young wine. In its early years it will offer floral notes, a tasty, juicy touch of red and black berries and slightly spicy toasty flavours.
The ageing potential of this vintage will also suit connoisseurs who have the patience to wait for the Grands Crus de Bordeaux to develop aromas of truffle, forest floor, game, Russian leather or light tobacco.

To air, decant or just enjoy?
Airing : when the vintage is young (under  10 years old ) it is recommended to decant one hour before serving so that there is a good contact with air. This oxygenation allows the wine to ‘open up’, freeing the aromas and softening the tannins.
Decanting : when the vintage is old (over 10 years old ) a natural deposit may form in the bottom of the bottle. The wine lover often asks for the wine to be poured delicately into the decanter so as to leave the deposit in the bottle. Decanting a very old wine (over 20 years) can, however, be a mistake as a sudden contact with air may deteriorate a wine that has become fragile with age.
Just enjoying: another approach is to avoid the ritualization around tasting, you simply choose a vintage, open the bottle, pour delicately and take your time to enjoy. Allow the wine to tell you its own story as it evolves in the glass over the evening…