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Vintage Information Sheet
Ballade de LA POINTE 2019
  • General Information
  • Weather conditions
  • Tasting comment
  • When to taste ?
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La Pointe
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Ballade de La Pointe
Château La Pointe

General Information

Ballade de la Pointe
Vintage : 2019
Production : 18 000 bottles
Merlot 86 % – Cabernet Franc 14 %
Alcohol content : 14.5°
Appellation : Pomerol. Area : Right Bank. Region : Bordeaux.
Vineyard and soil type: 23 hectares on small gravel and pebble soils of the Isle river terrace, clayey-gravel and sandy soils over clay or gravel sub-soils.
Vinification and ageing: traditional Bordeaux methods.
Distribution : through wine merchants of the Place de Bordeaux.
Owner : SCE Château La Pointe.



Weather conditions

Another year when contrasting weather announces a great vintage :

2019 began with a drier winter and a cooler spring than recent years. More importantly, we had a real summer which was hot and particularly dry. There were a few days of extremely high temperatures at the end of July, reaching a peak of 41°C. Some welcome light showers quenched the thirst of our vine plants and reminded us that the Aquitaine vineyards benefit from a temperate climate thanks to the proximity of the ocean.

As harvest-time approached, we feared a drought that could have disturbed the balance in our wines. Luckily the September rainfall (especially the 11mm of 10th and 23mm of 22nd) prevented any hindering of the maturation process. This boosted the vines’ energy, maintaining a reasonable level of alcohol, ensuring elegance in the tannic structure and allowing us to achieve the balance and harmony offered by the best Bordeaux wines.

Some plots of younger vines, whose lesser developed root system meant they were less resistant to drought, were harvested from 16th September. We went on to harvest the main Merlot plots during the last week of September. The picking finished on 3rd and 4th October with the Cabernet Francs. The harvest took place in slightly damp weather conditions but there were no signs of botrytis. The grapes were healthy with thick skins and ripe pips.

The vinification of these quality grapes was to reveal an aromatic wine boasting an intense colour. The round, supple palate offered a promising cocktail of ripe fruit, excellent tension and a pleasant freshness that is the mark of the greater vintages

When to taste ?

4) WHEN TO TASTE ?To drink or to keep?

The 2019 is a high potential vintage.

Ballade de La Pointe may be opened according to your whim, either in its early years or up to eight years old and beyond.

To air, decant or just enjoy?

With Ballade de La Pointe our recommended approach is to avoid the ritualization around tasting, you simply choose a vintage, open the bottle, pour delicately and take your time to enjoy. Allow the wine to tell you its own story as it evolves in the glass over the evening…