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A Creation by Alexandre BAUMARD
Michelin-starred Chef at the Logis de la Cadène in Saint Emilion

Young Pigeon cooked in three steps, Grilled Leeks, Smoked celeriac Purée, reduction sauce

(serves four)

  • Celeriac purée : 1 celeriac, 1 litre milk, 50g butter.
  • Reduction sauce : 150g tomato paste, ½ litre red wine, 50g butter, 2 shallots, vinegar, flour.
  • Cromesquis : 5 egg yolks, 1shallot, flour, breadcrumbs.
  • Soufflé potatoes : 1Agria potato, cooking oil.
  • Grilled leeks : 2 leeks, olive oil.
  • Young pigeons : 2 young pigeons (squabs), 50g butter, olive oil.Flambé the pigeons, carve off the legs, bone them and roll in cling-film to form a ‘jambonnette’. Remove the giblets and chop very finely into a brunoise. Mould into half-spheres. Carve off the breasts, leaving them on the bone ; Place the ‘jambonnettes’ in a vacuum bag and cook for 12 hours at 72°C in a steam oven ;

Make a reduction sauce with the juices from the carcasses, the tomato paste, red wine and flour ;
Make a celeriac purée, cooked in milk to retain white colour. Smoke the purée in a smoking oven.
For the cromesquis, shape the remaining ½ spheres and assemble with the giblets. Freeze the spheres
then coat them twice in egg yoke and fine breadcrumbs before frying ;
Blanch the leeks then grill them on a plancha ;
Roast the breasts and the ‘jambonnettes’ in butter ;
To make soufflé potatoes, slice finely and fry firstly at 140° and then at 180°C.
Arrange the different elements on the plate and serve.

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